First Birthday

The first birthday of our mice. There were lots of balloons, cake and gifts.  Congratulation sweeties! We wish you many happy days! In future years these photos will be something to look back at and treasure, to remind us of the real moments an do tell our story to future generations.

wpid1140-33.jpgwpid1144-44.jpgwpid1152-5959.jpgwpid1138-5656.jpgwpid1148-5757.jpgwpid1156-6262.jpg wpid1119-IMG_9698IMG_9698-2IMG_9698IMG_9698-2.jpgwpid1132-6161.jpgwpid1127-6565.jpgwpid1117-IMG_9533IMG_9533-2IMG_9533IMG_9533-2.jpgwpid1154-6060.jpg wpid1134-6767.jpgwpid1146-55-2.jpgwpid1121-77.jpg wpid1123-66.jpg

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